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10/1/2023 - 10/7/2023

Wind Tunnel Experiments; families with children through grade 6

During Open Hours

Wind tunnels help inventors and manufacturers of cars and airplanes understand how their designs will be affected by the flow of air over and around their designs. By reducing friction, cars and...
10/6/2023 - 10/12/2023 (Register)

Birdseed Wreath Kit (Adult; Ages 18+)

Take Home Kit

Embark on a creative journey that brings nature to your doorstep. Learn the secrets of crafting beautiful wreaths using high-quality birdseed and other natural materials. You will end...

D.I.Y. Terror-ium Kit

For teens in Grade 7-12 and 2023 high school graduates

D.I.Y. Terrorium kit Pick-Up: October 21-31 Craft an eerie, layered terror-ium with timeworn gravestones, buried secrets...and a lurking phantasmal presence? For teens in Grade 7-12 and...

Skeleton Show Contest Kit

For teens going into grades 7-12 and 2023 high school graduates

Skeleton Show Contest kit Pick-Up Starts: October 10 Create an outfit for a 6-inch skeleton to display in our show! Whether it’s extremely humerus or bone-afide supermodel, your skeleton...

Luminous Mummy Hand

For teens going into grades 7-12 and 2023 high school graduates

Glowing Mummy Hand kit Pick-Up: October 21-31 Level up the fright factor of your holiday decor with this easy kit! With just a few items, wrap up a weirdly luminous hand to prop up in your home on...

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