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17 August 2022

Book Character Scavenger Hunt (Families with children through grade 6)

Passive activity in the children's area September 1-30 during open hours

Pick up a Character Crossword Scavenger Hunt (big kids) or a Book Character Scavenger Hunt (little kids) in the Children’s area any time during the month of September. Once your Scavenger...
30 August 2022

NASA's Artemis Project: To the Moon, Mars, and Beyond!

For all ages! (September 1-30)

Join an exciting space challenge! Track your reading all month long and learn about NASA's Artemis Project--which includes a lunar base, robotic landings, and more! Hundreds of libraries...
16 September 2022

Emotional Pumpkins (Families with children through grade 6)

Passive activity in the children's area October 1-31 during open hours

Pumpkins have feelings, too! During open hours, pick up an Emotional Pumpkins scavenger hunt sheet and search the Children’s area to find each of our emotional pumpkins. Look closely, then...
5 October 2022

Hallow-Read (All Ages)

October 1-31

Spooky season is upon us! Halloween is a holiday full of magic, merrymaking, and mischief. Get ready to monster mash, have ghoulish fun, or curl up with a chilling book. Log your reading and...
5 October 2022

Creepy Crawlies (Grades 3-5)

October 1-31

Learn about some of nature’s most creepy-crawly creatures, like a footlong spider and a hissing cockroach, and why they’re actually cool—and sometimes even cute. Read 12 fun...

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