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20 December 2021

Extended Contest Deadlines!

We are extending the deadlines for both the Magical Creature (teen) and Virtual Candy House (all ages) contests! Have a winter break coming up? You now have through December 31 to put the final touches on your work in progress--or to decide to submit an entry!

Magical Creatures Contest: Make a magical creature to enter into our new teen art contest! Can your fantastic beast win one of the prizes? Get your inspiration from the Harry Potter universe--or make up your own creature!

Participants: This contest is for teens in Grade 7-12, as well as 2021 high school graduates (age 17-19).

Entries: You can use 2D or 3D art supplies to create your creature. This includes:

• Drawing (pencil, pen, color pencil, pastels, etc.)

• Painting (watercolor, acrylic, oil, etc.)

• Computer graphic illustration

• Sculpture (clay, paper, plastic, etc.)

• Other 3D materials (textiles, cardboard, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, etc.)

You may submit a maximum of two entries. You may submit individual or group entries (all members of the group must be teens).

Prizes: First place: $50 & Two runner-ups: $25 per

How To Enter: Register as a contestant here at https://bit.ly/magicalcreature

December 6-31: Bring your contest entries to the library's front desk. Come prepared to fill out an entry card with the following info:

• Art Title:

• Artist Name(s): (Your first name and initial of your last name.)

• Artist Age(s):

• Materials: (What did you use to make your entry?)

• Short description: (1-4 sentences. What was your inspiration? Is this a Harry Potter or original magical creature? Does it have special powers? Any other info you'd like to include?)

Early January: Voting begins! The community will cast votes to determine the contest winners. Questions? Ask Librarian Crystal at thebellya@gmail.com!

Virtual Candy House Contest: Create and show off a candy house during our second annual virtual holiday contest for all ages!

How To Enter: Make and submit your candy house entries from December 1-31!

Materials: Anything edible! (Doesn't have to be gingerbread.)

Categories & Prizes

• Individual (Under 12) - $25 gift card (TBA)

• Individual (12+) - $25 gift card (TBA)

• Group (2+ participants) - $25 gift card (TBA)


Email your entries to: thebellya@gmail.com


• Participant name & phone number

• Entry title & category

• Short description

• Max: 5 good-quality photos

• Bonus: any behind-the-scenes you'd like to add!

Vote Online

Early January: online community voting at bellevuelibrary.org!

Visit our Instagram at @bellevuepubliclibrary to see all the 2020 entries and winners!


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