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8 September 2020

Chinese Calligraphy

Online via Zoom

Event date: 11/7/2020 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Export event

  • Attending: 42
  • Seats: Unlimited
  • Remaining: Unlimited
Event registration is not possible anymore.

Join artist Jojo Liu for an introductory course in Chinese calligraphy. The first 18 people to register will receive a kit containing supplies that you can pick up at the Bellevue Public Library. If you do not receive a kit but would still like to follow along, the materials can easily be obtained at a craft store or Amazon. You can also substitute with things that you already have. You will need: a Chinese Calligraphy Brush without ink, a bottle of ink, and practice paper.

About Jojo:

Chinese calligraphy is one of the most traditional art forms in the world, truly representative of eastern art and culture. I was taught and inspired by my grandfather to practice Chinese calligraphy from a young age. With my love and passion for creative arts, I adopt a modern twist to traditional Chinese calligraphy. My work showcases a perfect balance of traditional calligraphy art with modern flare. I hope to continue to spread the passion of Chinese calligraphy as a modern art form.



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